I brought Asher home from the Hood County Animal Shelter on January 3, 2011. He weighed a mere 4 lbs and was small enough to walk under our tiny 8lb cat Charlie. The day I went to pick him up from the shelter was the 1st day of Mr.’s week long Preaching Retreat in Fredricksberg, Texas…I had this little polka dotted cutie all to myself for 7 days!

IMG_0747I also wanted to point out they have him listed as a boxer…not one of those puppies looked like boxers in any way shape or form other than also being a member of the dog family.

Feb042011_Snow Day_2356A month after bringing him home, we got 6 inches of snow! I was so excited that he had the chance to see snow and that I had the chance to take baby photos of him in the snow…in Texas!

Asher Feb 22Eventually he began to grow into quiet the handsome fella. I was constantly stopped and asked what kind of dog he was, and around 5 months old his personality really began to show. He loves to fetch and could play ball all day. Squeaky toys are the next best thing in the world and need to be played with constantly.

Asher 5 months

{Easter 2011 at Grandma’s House, 5 Months old}

Apr242011_Kittens_5527After Asher’s 1st Easter, we came home to 5 furry, purry, and scurrying kittens found by Mr. Asher loved his baby kitties and was so good about taking care of them and playing gently. This is Asher and Baby Shade.

Asher_Sept12_Attitude_FBSince, Shade we have adopted Huey (only a few weeks later), fostered dogs from our local shelter (asher was great at showing them how to play and get snuggles), lost our beloved Charlie cat, moved to Colorado and hiked the mountains! He is quiet the buddy and my perfect outdoor companion to hike and explore. Easily, the best dog ever.

Visit Asher’s Pack page, HERE


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