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Shelby & Asher, July 2013

Hi there, I am Shelby Lyn Clarke, a pet photographer, animal advocate, crafter, cook, wife, and hiking enthusiast. I grew up in Houston, Texas. In college, I met my husband (travis). I majored in Interior Design and Art, having taken art through out high school and most of my childhood it only seemed appropriate to continue with what I loved.

Mr + I near Divide, CO 2013

Travis + I near Divide, CO 2013

We married the summer before my senior year, just a month after he earned his Bachelor’s degree. While finishing he worked and applied to Seminaries across the US, we ended up in Waco, Texas and he started his 3.5 year journey towards divinity at Truett.
Meteora, Greece, 2012

Meteora, Greece, 2012

While he was in school, I worked at Baylor in the Interior Design Program supporting us. We had amazing opportunities to travel to Israel and Greece. Before these trips my only other experience out of the country was to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands just a few months before, thanks to my wonderful in-laws.
Dodge City, 2013

Road Trip through Dodge City Kansas, 2013

In 2012, he finished the 1st of 5 units of his Chaplain training program and we moved to Colorado for him to finish all his training. I admit, I was thrilled to move away from Texas to a little piece of heaven known as Colorado Springs and then in Dec 2013 he was offered a wonderful position with hospice. So we settled down in a little town in Western Colorado, Montrose. Then in April 2013, Travis was let go when his hospice location was closed. No stipend, no earned paid time off, and apparently didn’t qualify for unemployment. We were desperate for him to get a job, then in an amazing series of events, he got a skype interview with a hospice in California! Now we are moving there!

IMG_0702I hope you stick around and learn to enjoy the little things in life the way I am. Life is to short to be unhappy.