HeARTS speak


As a pet/animal photographer it is my goal not only to photograph those animals most precious in our own lives but to also photograph those without a family of their own. Since starting, clarkestudio photography our family has fostered and rescued a number of souls and each one was precious. Although a few were only with us a short while before going over the rainbow bridge.


In October 2011, we decided to foster from our local shelter (kill), as we walked by Daisy’s kennel she faced the corner. Not even turning to look at us. She had recently had puppies although none were with her. Without even talking about, me and my husband took her home that day to foster. From the day she entered our lives to the day she was adopted 6 months later, most people wouldn’t recognize her. She became a happy, healthy girl that loved to snuggle with us, Asher, and our kitties. Daisy more importantly learned that not everyone out there was out to hurt her, and that she could always depend on us to be there. (Photo above taken April 2012 a month before she was adopted)