Photographer Manifesto

The Photographer’s Manifesto, to encourage photographers everywhere of your worth and ability.

  • I believe I am more valuable than what I price myself for.

  • Not everything I try is going to get done, it’ll be okay.

  • I believe in the power of social media- for good and for evil. It will use it to grow my business, not destroy it.

  • My business MUST light me up. It is safer to take financial risks doing something I love than be chained to something dependable I will forever resent.

  • I am made to create.

  • I will do what helps contribute to and nurture the people in my care.

  • Everyone starts somewhere, and my future success is only dependent on my willingness to see it through to the end, no matter what.

  • My life is MY responsibility. I will never again passively wait for someone else to tell me what I should do or what I should want.

  • If I make a mistake, figure out what I could do better next time. I am NOT a victim.

  • Without profitability, I just have an expensive hobby- not a sustainable business. Implementation matters more than intentions.

  • I will strive to love every element of my business. Where I can’t, like a book keeping, I’ll hire someone who can help me find a way to even love my taxes. [[scribbled note in margin — Be thankful for the money you pay the IRS. You made money and that is a gift.]]

  • The quickest way to burn out is to not know where I’m trying to go.

  • Success comes to those who are willing to put their backs up against a wall, cut of all their exits and see only one option to survive. Success doesn’t come to those who don’t see an urgency to fight. I believe that having a safety net or a backup plan removes the motivation to act quickly. God will only give me what I can handle. Learn to manage your money wisely and you will be given more. You are lacking nothing for that next step. A leap of faith may make me feel like throwing up, but I will not die.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

  • I no longer believe that I have to please everyone in order to know I am doing the right thing.

  • I believe that everyone is capable of greatness, but only few will have the courage to pursue it. Will I be one of them?

  • I want to live in a world where being afraid to take a risk and still stepping out of my comfort zone is celebrated.

  • 10% of my business is going to use my photography skills. Do I have the skills for the other 90%? If not, how do I get them?

  • I will only get back what I put into my business. Love on it unconditionally, and it will love me back.

  • I am willing and able to take risks today.

  • What is motivating me to do this? Why do I want it?

  • It’s better to make a poor decision than make no decision. There is a fine line between optimism and delusion.

  • The best way to be humble in my business is to learn how to delegate. I can’t do it all and only my ego tells me that, ‘no one else could do it better.’

  • If I suck at something, it doesn’t mean that I should quit. It just means that I don’t need to waste my time perfecting something that someone else could be passionately doing for me instead.

FROM: Served Up Fresh


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