Prayer Needs

If you are ever in a prayerful mood, here are a few things we really really need right now:

10/8/13-  Hubby has 2 phone interviews one on 10/10 and 10/16 one is a PT Chaplain position in CO the other a FT position in Washington



9/10/13- Hubby was not offered the job in Missoula. I have been praying that God will simply help us. For whatever and whenever. help.

(9/6/13) Hubby came home from his interview out of state yesterday. He says he feels confident it went well and enjoyed his time there, the hospital, and the fellow chaplains that work there. I woke up thinking it was all a dream this morning 9/7. Please pray for peace and hope. We should know something in a week or so.

(8/19/13) Mr was not offered the job here in Colorado Springs at Memorial. He did however get an invitation to interview in Missoula! 🙂 We are both very excited about this opportunity. He has also applied to a few other positions in Washington and the Northwest.

(8/18/13) I am getting a raise?! Excited for the extra pay and grateful for my work environment. (8/7/13) I am training a new gal at work. I still feel like I don’t know enough to train someone, since I still make silly mistakes. {I work PT at a very busy Veterinary office as a receptionist}

(8/15/2013) Mr’s big boss at his current hospital has asked him to serve as chaplain at the hospital in Canon City for the beginning of September. It would only be 20 hours a week but they would pay for 1 hour for travel time (each way) along with gas. Mr also received an email today from the regional American Baptist Office for the Northwest region about a possible pastor position…he hasn’t thought of this avenue in almost 2 years…and it seems strange they are just now reaching out. My heart is about to burst with anxiety. Please pray for our family while we wait.

(8/13/2013) His interview went well. They are calling other applicants to learn more about them and see who is still interested in the position. Mr feels the phone portion went well and was excited to learn more about the position and hospital, he should know if he will be called in for an in person interview in about a week. Please pray for peace in our hearts. I feel as though mine may beat right out of my chest. (8/8/2013) Mr has scheduled a phone interview with a hospital in Montana, when this posting went up we both saw ourselves living and working here. His interview is on Tuesday 8/13/2013 at 9:30 (MST), please pray that we both stay calm and that the interview goes well enough for an in person interview.

-Mr had his interview for the PT position at the only hospital he hasn’t worked at in town on (8/6/2013) He feels like the interview went well and is waiting to hear back from the interview team now. They had 4 more candidates to interview before the decision would be made. We will likely hear something by the end of August.

-Also, please pray that the hospice in town he did a 1st interview with will call for a 2nd in person interview this week. (8/5/2013). We found out on (8/7/2013) that this position was offered to another candidate.

(7/18/13) Mr is looking for a full-time chaplain position. We have been applying since May and only heard No and Under Consideration. UPDATE (7/30/13): he has 2 interviews in the next week! Both are for PT positions here in CS!

(7/18/13) we both applied to be apart of the Mennonite Volunteer Service, this has me do circles in my head and heart. We are supposed to talk to our assigned counselor this weekend. UPDATE (7/29/13) : we have decided not to pursue MVS at this time, too many obstacles in the way. I also feel like God is closing that door right now.

3) 7/18/13 Mr’s ordination is supposed to happen the 1st weekend of August back in Texas…we aren’t sure plane tickets will be affordable enough for this to happen or not. UPDATE (7/25/13) : Mr is waiting for one last vote from the leadership council, then we will go back to TX for an ordination ceremony!


Yesterday I came across this rendition of the Lord’s Prayer…I especially like the bolded line:

Abba Father God, Bless your holy name.

Let your reign come now, Let your desires be carried out.

Bring your peace to birth, As in heav’n, so on Earth.

Give us bread, daily; Free us, as we free.

When the way is hard, Be our guide and guard.

Your rule, power; and praise Reign supreme, always.


Prayer Source: HERE


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